Diopatse Cluster – High Vibez Station
Diopatse Cluster
Raw Crystals

Dioptase is a vibrant talisman of the heart that can help one relinquish extremely sensitive emotions such as grief, trauma, depression, anxiety, and self-hate.

This special mineral exposes one’s heart and brings about soothing waves of life force energy that helps “reset” one’s emotional body. Each day this stone will pull out more strength from one’s body that may have gone dormant.

This strength will eventually become so overwhelming that it will naturally raise one's self confidence and courage levels, forcing you to take action and make a change. This change can be something as small as removing a bad habit from your lifestyle or taking on a new activity that will help you grow on the path you ever so desire.

I’m the perfect crystal for you, or someone you know that is:

  • Moving on from past wrongs
  • Looking to feel calm and grounded
  • Connecting with your true self and soul.

4.5cm x 3cm 

21 grams

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